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1. Function

Before designing a bedroom, one should keep in mind the requirements of its end-user, their hobbies and what is the end purpose of the room? So prior to hiring interior designers in Delhi, make sure you know what you want to do with your bedroom.

2. Privacy

A bedroom is a space which is very well synonymous with the word privacy. The privacy should not be compromised in a bedroom. It is the part of a residence which is designed keeping in mind the personal whims, fancies and needs of its user which needs some amount of seclusion from the other areas for proper functioning. The bedroom interior will keep in mind the importance of privacy before designing the bedroom.

3. Storage with Creativity

Clothes, jewelry, important documents, handbags, bedsheets and the list go on for things you need to store in your bedroom. But these items need to be properly arranged, so as to make it accessible, clutter-free and avoid confusion. Apart from functionality, Modern bedroom interior design must make sure that storage units are aesthetically appealing and in sync with the overall design of the bedroom.

4. Amount and Adjustment of Light

The amount of natural and artificial lighting affects the overall ambience of your bedroom. The colors, textures, materials and décor you put in your bedroom would not look appealing without the use of proper lighting. The size and location of windows, the position of built-in lighting and its placement makes a difference in the overall design of the room.

5. Color Palette and Visual Comfort

A bedroom requires calm and subtle colors so as to not create the wrong amount of noise and make people feel uncomfortable or distracted. What mood do you want to create in your bedroom is an important factor in deciding the color of your bedroom. If you love bright and bold color and you cannot use it for your bedroom for it being too loud, go for toned-down versions of it. The master bedroom interior design can help you decide the perfect colour for your bedroom.
Add Greenery to Your Bedroom Space While designing a luxurious bedroom, you can choose to add indoor plants. They will not only add an aesthetic appeal to the room, but also healthy for your mind and body. You can opt for indoor plants that repel insects as well. Pick up some pretty pots and planters for more personality in the bedroom.


To wrap up, each of the points mentioned above is bound to give your new bedroom character or your old bedroom a swanky makeover. Make the most of these ideas and revamp your bedroom in such a way that it reflects your personality best. After all, it is your sanctuary.
There are several factors that are considered when it comes to decorating the bedroom. You may have a specific concept in mind, or you can be completely clueless about what kind of design you need for your bedroom. By adding some cool and fresh decorative items, both modern and classical, you can get a nice comfortable room. Design Foundation provide more bedroom interior design ideas.

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